Baby false widow spider bite?

Aug 15, 2022 | False widow stories | 0 comments

Was it a baby false widow spider bite?

I’m pretty sure I sustained a baby false widow spider bite this summer but I’m not 100% sure. I have seen loads of the adults recently, really for the first time too.

A neighbour told me last year that they had a lot of false widow spiders in their back garden. That year I started to notice a few around the outside of my house (under gutters and window sills). During the winter I wouldn’t be out in the garden as much so I didn’t see any. Fast forward to the summer of this year and lets just say they’re everywhere!

False widow spider webs everywhere

This summer I’ve notice a lot a thick webs all over the gutters now (tripled from last year).

I was sitting out in the garden and my upper leg got really itchy and started to sting a little, I looked down and the only thing I saw was a small reddish/brown spider by my leg. I had never been stung or bitten by anything in Ireland before.

How I treated the bite

Assuming it was a spider bite I read online that I should clean the area, apply an ice pack and draw a circle around the area to track the size.
For about 2 and half days it stung a little, never got any bigger and then it went away. I can’t be 100% certain that it was a baby false widow. After doing a bit of research I’m almost sure it was and I was thinking if a baby one could do this what could a fully grown one do!

I drew a line around the bite with pen to see if the irritated area was growing over time. The skin is a bit red in the picture because I had been applying ice wrapped in cloth to the area.

Possible baby False Widow bite

I hadn’t seen any adult ones during the day, mostly the baby false widow spiders that would be floating around the garden on their webs. They just seem to come from nowhere but at night its a different story!

About a month after I was walking into the house when it was dark outside and that’s when I saw all the adult false widows. There were so many outside the house, all around the windows, gutters, doors and wheely bins. They varied in sizes.

The larger ones appeared black in colour with no markings on their big bulbous abdomen, I’d never seen these types of spiders around my house before. The medium size appeared brown with clear cream markings on their backs and the smaller ones have clearer skull markings.
The next morning they weren’t active or out in their webs.

Baby spider on a web

Since seeing so many that night I’ve kept my window closed, I’ve changed my bed sheets to lighter colours so it will be easier to see if there ever happens to be one in the bed. I check my shoes before I put them on. I’m also testing peppermint/insect repellent around the inside windows and spraying my shoes. I bought gloves to wear for taking out the wheely bins.

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