False widow spider in my house

Sep 8, 2022 | False widow stories | 0 comments

Lots of false widow spider webs

Over the past year I have noticed a lot of false widow spider webs in my back garden around my shed. I recognised them due to their messy box/sail like shape – as opposed to the traditional neat patterned web of a typical garden spider. The spiders are only active at night so I wasn’t too concerned. But I was very surprised by how many of their webs there were in such a small concentrated area.

False widow spider webs

Over the summer one of these webs appeared on the ceiling of my living room/kitchen area, just over the back door. It’s a high ceiling so I couldn’t easily reach it and I watched it curiously over time. Only at night time would the spider emerge. It appeared to be a male false widow spider, but he kept himself to himself and didn’t seem to venture anywhere else in the room. I watched carefully for any sign of an egg sack – but there were none.

Clearing the web

After reading up on false widow spiders, I decided it was time to remove the spider. As I couldn’t bear the thought of a female false widow finding it’s way into the house now with the change of the weather as we come into Autumn. If two mated there would be potentially hundreds of baby false widow spiders emerging inside my house! I have two small dogs that would easily be bitten if one were to set up camp in the corner near their bedding.

False widow spider web high on ceiling

Eventually borrowing a ladder, I cleared the web, disturbing the spider who was still visible as it was early morning. This allowed me to carefully catch it in a tall container with a lid. I’m watching for webs, particularly around window areas in the house and hopefully there won’t be any more finding their way inside. I’ve noticed a new one right above my letterbox at the front door – so that is another one I might have to disturb.

Met my first false widow today!

Met my first false widow today!

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False widow spider in my pajamas!

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