Large female cupboard spider - Steatoda grossa false widow

The Cupboard spider

The Cupboard spider (Steatoda grossa), also known as the dark comb-footed spider, the brown house spider, or the false widow or false black widow, is a common species of spider in the genus Steatoda.

They are widespread throughout northern Europe, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, where they are usually found in the darker corners of houses (hence the name), but occasionally in sheltered spots outside and away from human habitats. Steatoda grossa prefers hidden areas near the ground under furniture, or dark low corners where they can more easily hunt woodlice and crawling insects.

Cupboard spiders are not aggressive and most bites to people are made in self defence and delivered when a spider gets unintentionally pinched or squeezed. This often happens when a person rolls over in bed or puts on clothing that the spider is concealed in.

Cupboard spider size and appearance

Female Cupboard spider - Steatoda Grossa
[Image by Darekk2 licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0]
Female Steatoda grossa – Cupboard spider
Size: 6.5 – 10 mm
Male False widow spider - Steatoda Grossa
[Image by Bob the Wikipedian licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0]
Male Steatoda grossa – Cupboard spider
Size: 4 – 6 mm
Cupboard spider coloration ranges from purplish brown to black, with light-colored markings.

Females of this species are usually darker than Steatoda nobilis and Steatoda bipunctata, with purplish-brown, evenly-coloured dark legs or with lighter stripes. They have an abdominal pattern of two clear triangles and lateral bars, but these are often dim or missing in the darker specimens. Males and females both have a lighter crescent on the front of their abdomen, but this is often absent too. Their front legs are longer than in other false widows.

“At the NUI Galway Venom Systems Lab, we have been studying this spider for the past five years and we are finally learning the truth about the false widow story.”

John P. Dunbar, Aiste Vitkauskaite, Sean Rayner and Michel M. Dugon
Venom Systems Lab, NUI Galway
From: RTE Brainstorm

Other false widow spiders in Ireland and the UK

There are three species of false widow spiders that can now be found in Ireland and have become widespread throughout the country; (Steatoda nobilis, Steatoda grossa, Steatoda bipunctata).

Noble false widow spider

Steatoda nobilis

Rabbit hutch spider

Steatoda bipunctata

False widow spider in Ireland stories

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Met my first false widow today!

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False widow spider in my pajamas!

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False widow spider in my house

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