False Widow Rabbit Hutch spider Seatoda Bipunctata

The Rabbit hutch spider

Steatoda bipunctata, also known as the Rabbit hutch spider of the genus Steatoda. They are commonly found in Britain and northern Europe, including (but less commonly) in Ireland. They mainly live in and around sheds, pet houses and clutter in gardens, but sometimes on tree trunks. Rabbit hutches often make a suitable habitat for this species. They also frequent domestic rubbish sites.

This is a smaller species of the genus Steatoda and their fangs do not easily penerate human skin.

Rabbit hutch spider size and appearance

Female rabbit hutch spider - Steatoda bipunctata
Female Steatoda bipunctata – Rabbit hutch spider
Size: 4.5 – 7 mm
Male False Widow - Steatoda Bipunctata Rabbit Hutch spider
Male Steatoda bipunctata – Rabbit hutch spider
Size: 4 – 5 mm
The abdomens of both sexes are bulbous and brownish in coloration, typically with a broken pale line down the center and another pale line across the anterior portion of the abdomen. The apodemes (places of muscle attachment) on the dorsal side of the abdomen look like pairs of dark dimples and presumably give the spider its Latin name -bi (two) and -punctata (spots). This species has a light band that runs down the centre of their abdomen. As is usual with false widow species though, this is clearer in males, but fainter, partial or missing in females. The dark stripes on their legs are more visible than in the other false widow species.

Other false widow spiders in Ireland and the UK

There are three species of false widow spiders that can now be found in Ireland and have become widespread throughout the country; (Steatoda nobilis, Steatoda grossa, Steatoda bipunctata).

Noble false widow spider

Steatoda nobilis

Cupboard spider

Steatoda grossa

False widow spider in Ireland stories

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False widow spider in my house

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Baby false widow spider bite?

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